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This is the first of what we hope to be many posts for our travelling blog. We both think that among our opening posts we should tell you our reasons for writing. I have Cystic Fibrosis this can be an incredibly debilitating disease however I am in moderate health from time to time can become quite severely unwell in a short space of time. Hopefully this blog will be able to give both patients with CF and someone who wishes to travel with them insights in to some of the difficulties and pitfalls that we may fall into, we haven’t had any major stumbling blocks just yet but if we do this will be the place to read about them.

Another reason for writing an online blog is that our paper journals are not immune to the elements and may get wet, lost, or damaged in some other way and although we are writing this for others to keep track of us and make sure we stay out of trouble, it is a little selfish as it’s for our own peace of mind also. We will from time to time be posting polls and we will let you decide what activities we shall do in a particular area or even where we should plan our next adventure so subscribe to our blog not to miss out on the chance to send us on some crazy adventures.

The reasons for our adventure? Well put simply we love to explore new environments, cultures, experiences, food (a massive thing for both of us as we both enjoy cooking a good meal). We both believe that to visit a place, spend some time there and really immerse yourself in the environment is the finest way to get a positive experience from a trip, or as we prefer to call them adventures, because let’s face it that’s what we’re having. We have some loose plans, nothing set in stone, well apart from a few things the rest will be decided on the way or as mentioned earlier it all depends on being in the right place at the right time and it’s about who you meet along the way.

Now, maybe a little bit more about me, Rahrah can tell you about herself when she’s good and ready. As you already know I have CF, I don’t like to think that this restricts me in any way and I can and often do what I want, when I want. I have spent almost all of my life in a fine education system but I decided that it was time for us to part ways and for me to get some real life experiences and the way to get them is to go out and find them. I really don’t know what else to say that sounds original I suppose I’m not all that different from your ‘average Joe’ but we’re all unique. I also guess that if you like this blog you’ll get to find out what makes me tick, because I don’t have much of a clue really.

So that’s us Crisp and Rahrah, I do hope that this hasn’t been too painful to read through and I again hope that you find something that helps if you are questioning yourself about taking your own adventure.

Posted by Crisp


RahRah says:

Earlier this year when we decided we were going to travel I searched all over for information on health care in different countries and information on anybody with CF who has travelled themselves, I found very little to nothing on the topic. Simple things such as insurance was a nightmare of hours spent searching the internet and making calls, answering endless questions only to be told that they wouldn’t cover Crisp for his CF but still charge him a fortune for insurance. The next problem would be where to get medication whilst abroad, we have yet to work that out and with this trip only being just over 2 months it has yet to be an issue. The only info I could find about anybody travelling with CF was this guy. It is an interesting read, proving that nothing can stop anybody doing what they want.

So insurance sorted and bag packed full of meds we set off – more about what we packed and how later on.

This blog will be kept completely anonymous, including people we meet on our travels (who will be given nicknames also) so we can write personal stuff without anybody getting embarrassed. Pictures will be in our posts and also keep online using shutterfly (click here to view) with personal ones password protected so just message me for that (of course only if we know you!!)

I just want to add as well not expect anything special, writing isn’t my forte… grammar and spelling mistakes all over the place but hopefully this won’t spoil the point of this blog.

Peace, RahRah  xx


2 responses to “About Us

  1. Thank you both for an inspiring blog. I will read with much anticipation. I also have CF and am 38years old. In pretty good shape but like Crisp do suffer badly at times of being unwell, which incidentally always happens very quick.

    I had a friend that had CF and we managed in the end to get 8months worth of drugs to take on the trip, some of which were sent to places they knew they were going to. It also helped that I paid for express services once for some creon and azithromycin lol.

    Take care and good luck for the trip.


  2. I will follow with interest. We have LO with CF and have just ventured to France on Eurostar for the second year running…..planning a longer trip (always my dream to take him travelling with me…Botswanna was the goal….) Good luck

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